The NBARA was established in 1947, and has been affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) for over 60 years. NBARA owns and operates a repeater (K6LI) on 145.310 MHz in Vallejo, CA (minus offset/PL 88.5) and 440.700 + (5MHz) PL 88.5

NBARA serves the city of Vallejo, and county areas, in the event of disasters, emergency or damage to normal communications.

In the event of a disaster we have our radios pre-programmed on the following frequencies:

145.310 MHz (K6LI Repeater)
145.310 MHz (Repeater Output on simplex)
146.520 MHz (Simplex Calling)
446.000 MHz (Simplex Calling)
446.030 MHz (Crossband Repeater)

News Blog
The NBARA News Blog is a place where radio information is shared.
Monthly Club Meetings
The NBARA’s monthly meetings take place on the fourth Monday of the month at 19:00 hours.
Emergency Service Net
Every Thursday night at 19:00 hours, local club members, and other interested hams, train with an Emergency Service Net.